The WHIFF application is now available for Private Beta Testers for Android users. WHIFF PBT’s will have the opportunity to explore the WHIFF application while providing feedback on the usability of WHIFF. The focus in these tests is to find bugs so that the WHIFF team can fix or manage them prior to launch.

Who gets to be a WHIFF PBT?

Private Beta Testers consist of only testers that are hand-selected by The WHIFF Beta Test Management Team through an extensive qualification process. Not everyone will fit the requirements to be a WHIFF PBT. This means that many people won’t be selected to participate due to certain demographic characteristics.

If you are interested in becoming a WHIFF Beta Tester, please send an email to The WHIFF Beta Test Management Team via [email protected].

Please note: The image above is an example of the WHIFF application and is only for illustration purposes.